Opportunity Knocks

As a growing enterprise, The South Main Company is always looking to expand our unique capabilities and serve our customers better.

We're actively pursuing the best and brightest partners and alliances to achieve new levels of success. If you have a product or service that would thrive in our creative and technical environment, please contact us.

We are creating opportunities in both domestic and international markets for:
    •  Suppliers
    •  Distributors
    •  Licensing Arrangements
    •  Domestic & International Representatives
    •  Joint Ventures
    •  Alliances
    •  Acquisitions

The future at The South Main Company is very bright indeed. If you have an early-stage, developing, or mature business and are interested in finding the right group to explore a joint venture, alliance, distributorship or the sale of your business assets, SMC has an open approach and welcomes new ideas and capabilities for growth.

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