Advanced Composites

Advances in materials science have opened a world of possibilities for businesses. The South Main Company is helping smart companies capitalize on these breakthroughs. With imaginative designs, practical solutions and quick-to-market cycle times, our design engineers are creating an amazingly diverse array of affordable applications:

- High-performance composite structures for aircraft and aircraft engines
- Lightweight automotive components that save fuel and increase safety
- Shock-resistant modular flooring systems for all classes of navy ships
- Portable wall systems that provide quick assembly for enclosures and shelters
- Eye-catching design panels for architectural and retail applications

Beyond carbon fiber, we're crafting engineered solutions from a diverse palette of fiber reinforcements and resins to leverage the characteristics of advanced composites:

Corrosion Resistance
Thermal Insulation
Electrical Shielding
Fire Resistance
Thermal Conductivity
Electrical Conductivity
X-Ray Transparency
Low Observables

Lightweight, strong and infinitely versatile; we are tailoring composites to our client's individual performance requirements. Let The South Main Company harness the true potential of advanced composites technology into a competitive edge for you.

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